About us

Established in 2010, Distil Studio is led by Neil Hedger and Fiona Curran. We’re as passionate about great ideas today as when we started in design, over 20 years ago. Before setting up our own studio, we worked for some of London’s most highly respected design agencies – creating work for Unilever, Jamie Oliver, Absolut Vodka, howies, Royal Mail, Waitrose and beyond.

Today, we create brand identities, branded packaging and communication campaigns to bring about positive commercial results. Our way of working applies to entrepreneurs at the very start of their journey, through to established organisations like Mercedes AMG. Big or small, our unique creative approach links them all.

Our branded packaging knowhow puts emphasis on cutting to the chase to say one thing well. And our expertise in brand identity creation means that we know how to craft a compelling visual story across multiple applications. We combine our experience of both to create work that cuts through the noise, wherever it lives in the world.

As Distil Studio, we’re proud winners of 3 D&AD pencils, including a Graphite. Most recently, we were shortlisted at the 2019 D&AD Awards. Specifically for our food and beverage work, we have won Silver, 2 Golds, and a coveted Fabulous from the FAB Awards.