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Taking skincare to new heights

Misty Reich is an executive coach and a former Fortune 500 global HR executive. She’s clocked over 2 million business-related air miles and is a self-professed skincare obsessive.

We joined her on a mission to create a luxury brand at the intersection of women building careers, fulfilling life, and travelling... beautifully. Our journey together has culminated in an online community and a range of highly effective, compact skincare products formulated for life on the go. And the name? We looked high above for inspiration — the place where skin is put to the ultimate test.

35 Thousand
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The brand design of 35 Thousand brings together functional products with a luxe aesthetic. The cloud-like forms of the brandmark expand into a visual language inspired by contrails travelling across beautiful skies, with a colour palette designed to evoke different times of day. The OTG-7 Complex is central to every product in the range — seven powerhouse ingredients represented by a segmented globe symbol and a family of graphic icons.

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35 Thousand

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