The clear-thinking design agency

What it boils down to…

Brands need a unique source of inspiration. An interesting angle. A point of difference. We’ll help you find yours. We’re a clear-thinking design agency with a simple strategic and creative process – one that brings about clarity and full-strength visual ideas. At Distil Studio, we always leave fluff and clutter behind, then we radiate strong messages with real meaning.

Here’s some of our work in action…

Hands up for handmade

Fresh from the oven, our rebrand for St Albans’ most loved restaurant embraces a bold oven mitt graphic designed to stop passersby in their tracks. Inspired by their on-site bakery, every application celebrates their handmade values. If you’re in the area, do stop by.

The whole pudding: Strategy. Brand Identity. Copywriting. Packaging. Print. Signage. Art Direction.

Drink Coffee. Save Orangutans.

When UCC asked us to give their conservation coffee a new look, we didn’t hang around. Inspired by the bond between coffee growers and The Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme, we created a characterful pattern designed to connect a full campaign of communications.

Out in the wild: Strategy. Packaging Concept & Design. Copywriting. Point-of-Sale. Guidelines. London Coffee Festival Takeover. Moving Image. Illustration: Rebecca Sutherland

Drawn from experience

Our rebrand for Springs’ Smokery is drawn, quite literally, from the heart of Springs’ craft. We took the charcoal embers of oak logs from their 50-year old smoking kilns, and used them to conjure a series of emotive marks and textures.

From the kiln: Brand Identity. Branded Packaging. Illustration. Photography. Film.

Blend the rules

Your daily cuppa will never be the same again with Roqberry, an award-winning tea brand offering single source varieties, inventive pairings and infusions. Our ‘Blend the Rules’ mantra is expressed via a playful brandmark and campaign imagery.

Brewed up: Brand Positioning. Brand Identity. Packaging Design. Copywriting. Photography. Marketing Communications. 

A real island story

Caragh Chocolates are based on the enchanting island of Sark, Channel Islands. It’s a place where cars aren’t allowed, so people travel around by bicycle and traditional horse and carriage. Their new brand identity (and gorgeous chocolates) now travel in style.

A box full: Brand Identity. Packaging Range. Signage. Advertising. Photography.

Revealing all

Coco de Mer curate and craft the finest lingerie from their exclusive boutique in Monmouth Street, London. As design partners, we create their printed lookbooks and collaboration branding – including their recent work with Pamela Anderson, V&A, Playboy and Waris Dirie. All model photography by Rankin.

The collection: Identity. Print. Production.

Engineering Success

The engineers at Mercedes AMG, Brixworth, have been responsible for the design and development of every single Formula One engine to wear the Mercedes-Benz badge. Our visual narrative of their engineering prowess takes pride of place in their restaurant, an environment that keeps a team of 800 people fuelled every day.

Being served: Environmental Graphics. Copywriting. Illustration. Production.